Workshop ProgrammeEAJS PhD Workshop at Vienna University 2005 Supported by the Japan Foundation and the Toshiba International Foundation

Monday, August 29, 2005

until 16:00 Arrivals of Ph.D. candidates and academic advisers at the Workshop venue

Welcome Speeches

Brian Powell, Sepp Linhart and Harald Fuess

Common Session
"Mobilizing Masses" (Chair: Rikki Kersten)

1. Andrea Revelant, Venice (Italian)

The advent of mass communication in Japanese politics: election campaigns, 1927-32

Discussant: Thomas Büttner


2. Thomas Büttner, Heidelberg (German)

Elite competition in authoritarian regimes: Political influence in the “Imperial Rule Assistance Association” 1940-45

Discussant: Andrea Revelant

ca. 19:00 Welcome Reception

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Parrallel Session A (Humanities)
"Ancient Japan" (Chair: Harald Fuess)

3. Ellen van Goethem, Ghent (Belgian)

The Nagaoka Capital and Its Mokkan

Discussant: Olexandr Kovalenko


4. Olexandr Kovalenko, Kiev (Ukrainian)

The Theories of Origin of the Japanese in the Post-War Historiography of Japan

Discussant: Ellen van Goethem

Parallel Session B (Social Sciences)
"Society" (Chair: Christoph Brumann)

5. Sachiko Horiguchi, Oxford (Japanese)

Hikikomori and Internal Cultural Debates about Japanese Personhood

Discussant: Philomena Keet


6. Philomena Keet, School of Oriental and African Studies London (British)

Living in a Material World: Consuming Spectacular Fashion in Tokyo and the Changing Fabric of Japanese Society

Discussant: Sachiko Horiguchi

11:00 coffee break
Common Session
Social Science (Chair: Christoph Brumann)

7. Ekaterina Korobtseva, Oxford (Russian)

Becoming a Lone Unwed Mother in Japan.
12:30 lunch break
Parallel Session A (Humanities)
"Edo and Meiji Culture" (Chair: Rikki Kersten)

8. Sui Mei Takagi, Cambridge (Chinese/British)

The Emergence of Women Readers in Seventeenth Century Japan

Discussant: Michael Wachutka


9. Michael Wachutka, Tübingen (German)

Meiji Period Kokugaku

Discussant: Sui Mei Takagi

Parallel Session B (Social Sciences)
" Political Science" (Chair: Glenn Hook)

10. Sylvia Raguelova, Oxford (Bulgarian)

Japan's Human Rights-Based Policies in the 1990s

Discussant: Silke Riemann


11. Silke Riemann, Düsseldorf (German)

Budget Politics in Germany and Japan

Discussant: Sylvia Raguelova

16:30 coffee break
Common Session
Humanities (Chair: Mark Williams)

12. Devrim Güven, University of Tokyo (Turkish)

The Representation of Sexuality and the Power Structure in the Early Novels of Kenzaburo Oe
18:00 end of the academic programme

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Parallel Sessions A (Humanities)
"Modern Literature" (Chair: Mark Williams)

13. Tomas Jurkovic, Prague (Czech)

Women and Dream as Crucial Metaphors in Novels of Murakami Haruki

Discussant: Tomomi Parren-Ota


14. Tomomi Parren-Ota, Paris 7 (Japanese)

Nagai Kafû and the Literary Field

Discussant: Tomas Jurkovic

Parallel Session B (Social Sciences)
"Business" Chair: Martin Hemmert

15. Maki Umemura, London School of Economics (Japanese)

Institutional Development in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Industry

Discussant: Alexander Mueller


16. Alexander Müller, Marburg (German)

Interactions of Standards and Business Organization – ERP Software in the Japanese Automotive Supplier Industry

Discussant: Maki Umemura

11:00 coffee break
Final Discussion
12:30 lunch break
14:30 Start of the main EAJS conference