Digital Archive of Proceedings


The tran­scrip­ti­on of the books and files rele­vant to both rese­arch pro­jec­ts would not have been pos­si­ble to accom­plish if we had only been able to tran­scri­be during the limi­ted ope­ning hours of the archi­ves. For this rea­son, we recei­ved per­mis­si­on from all of the archi­ves to pho­to­graph the pages which were rele­vant for our rese­arch. We would like to sin­ce­rely thank the archi­ves for enab­ling us to do this.

The images were then given names accord­ing to a sys­tem which was deve­lo­ped for the dif­fe­rent source groups. They were then archi­ved in a web space which the Uni­ver­si­ty of Vien­na pro­vi­ded for us, and for which we are very thank­ful. The digi­tal archi­ve of matri­mo­ni­al pro­cee­dings inclu­des appro­xi­mate­ly 150,000 images. The rights to the images are the pro­per­ty of the respec­tive archi­ves and, for this rea­son, the digi­tal archi­ve can­not be made acces­si­ble online.

Andrea Grie­seb­ner, trans­la­ti­on Jen­ni­fer Blaak