Being mean in Space - Ecosystem of EVE Online Hausar 2017

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Being mean in Space – The Player Ecosystem of EVE Online · Player Ecosystem of EVE Online
Gernot Hausar · Wien 2017 · Verlag:  · Ed 1

Reihe: FROG 2017 Future and Reality of Gaming · ,
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Hausar, Gernot: Being mean in Space – The Player Ecosystem of EVE Online -Player Ecosystem of EVE Online (Wien 2017). In: (Hrg.), 17. Januar 2019. URL:
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Being mean in Space – The Player Ecosystem of EVE Online

(Suggested track: players gaining power)

Panel talk, FROG main conference | Sunday, 15th October, 14:15 – 14:45

EVE Online from icelandic CCP-Games has a lot of innovative approaches for including players in the game development process. Through this and their very permissive in-game rule system for play, a lot of player initiatives have developed as an addition to the official channels between players and developers. This results in a lot of innovative play styles and tactics and a thriving eco-system in-and out of game with a faithful player-base.In this talk I give an overview and evaluation of the different channels between developers and players and how this fits into “playing” the game.

Video Talk (FROG)


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