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Providing the Right Tool for Information Needs. And stylish please.

eLib provides services for organizations & individuals interested in setting up and customizing a wiki. We also provide information on webspace, hosting and the right presentation of your content. If you are interested just contact us with the relevant information at elibaustria [at] gmx [dot] at . We generally provide these services with no charge as we are a not a commercial entity.

Science is what you make of it.
Relevant Information
Short Project Description
Webspace available yes/no
Graphic/Skin/Logo Design needed
Profit/not-for-profit Project
Wiki Skills
Budget range


We actively promote the use of wikis as web-based and internal project organization, content management and presentation tool. Our services include:



  • JeliNetz - Wiki of the Elfriede Jelinek Research Center at Vienna University
  • Leo.at - Wiki of LEO Austria (LIONS Club International)
  • eLib Projekt - Wiki of the eLibrary Project (eLib Austria)