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Welcome to the eLibrary Project! Dedicated to Knowledge-Junkies and despairing students. Collect and produce texts for free academic use.

All eLib Content in English (or content with english translations)
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DATA PROTECTION: We subscribe to the GDPR of Wikipedia.

Short Introduction

You know the situation, that you save your pdfs and photocopies after you used them for a paper and never find them again. Well, we want to change that and therefore started eLib. eLib is a wiki, where information is stored to stay. We ask the copyright owners, if they would allow us to publish their content in our wiki for scientific and educational use only. Then we digitize source texts and invite students scolars to use our material in exchange for their research documents.

Goal: a free online text repository with a variety of texts for students and science and a lot of national eLibs which cooperate to this end.


The eLib Project tries to provide free etxt for scientists and students for scientific and private use. Content is enlarged by scanning and proofing old texts as well as including scientific articles and papers in the database. Further we maintain a Link - Collection (German/English) with useful Tools for Researchers and Students.

We focus on digitizing content from Austrian libraries and institutions. You will find official documents, books, letters, scientific papers, art and literature and a lot of background information. Texts are in German, some of them do have an English Translation attached. There are some foreign language articles in the database. Please do not hesitate to send us texts in your language for publication, as they will be integrated and - if applicable - translated in the context of the eLib Project. Feedback and Suggestions welcome (Please send us an email).

We maintain a technical cooperation with ALO, a project which provides Faksimiles (pdf) of offline content, amongst it content from the Austrian National Library in Vienna. While ALO is more concerned with an exact reproduction of the original, we try to provide full text of the books, focusing more on the content than on the form. Making a long explanation short - we digitize books and papers so that they remain easily and freely acessible over the Internet.

eTxts are provided free of charge in the wiki for scientific and private use. Each etxt is fully searchable and downloadable via the "save as..." Function of your Internet Browser. We focus on full text because it is small, adaptable, searchable for phrases and expressions and can be saved locally, making it ideal for offline-reading (eg on a mobile device), scientific research and full text analysis.

The content-licence allows for free academic and personal use but does not allow any commercial exploitation of third parties, neither of the name nor the content. In any case, used content must remain freely accessible and link to the eLib page. Any other use allowed only with the written permission of eLib.

The Forum and the Mailinglist are the place for discussion, feedback and participation. There is an extra Forum where post can be made in English. In the download section, papers from members can be up- and downloaded, ebooks can be scanned and proofed and everyone is more than welcome to start their very own project.

If you want to continuously use the eLib text-repository, then please contact an administrator, so that the user-interface for your username can be swiched to english.

You can find the main page of the eLib-wiki here:

A list with articles in English can be found here:

  • English Translations of eLib Austria Articles

If you want to try something experimetal, Google provides online-translations of non-english pages.

  • English Translation of this Page from Google !

There is an A-Z Navigation Bar which should help you find the name of the Author ("Autor") or the Title ("Werk"). You can also use the sidebar on this page.

If you feel that a certain etext is missing, you are welcome to add to elib Austria. There is also the option of proofing OCR-text, if your english/french/german is up to the task : )

We always apprechiate comments, criticism - feedback in any form - and cooperation ! We hope you will have as much fun as we have with our project !


eLib Team