Photos & videos of the anniversary year

Images and videos capture the majority of the events and activities during the 650th Anniversary of the University of Vienna. Archiving of these events in various media allows the public to get insight into the comprehensive activities of the University during the anniversary year 2015. So the public can experience especially interesting and exciting moments again.



650 years of the University of Vienna - Campus Festival: To mark our 650th Anniversary we had a huge festival on the Campus of the University of Vienna from 12 June to 14 June 2015. Have a look at the research and celebration highlights of three days.

Best of 650 - Highlights of the anniversary year: academic ceremonies, festivals, exhibitions, documentaries, conferences and symposia - This video shows the highlights of an anniversary year full of events.

Our anniversary year: Students and staff of the University of Vienna take a look back at the anniversary year: Diverse, informative and not a bit tired – that was their anniversary year.

Happy Birthday Uni Wien: 650 years – we are celebrating an anniversary. Students and staff of the University of Vienna wish their alma mater a happy birthday.

  • All anniversary videos are available in the 650th Anniversary area under "Videos" on the media portal (in German) or the University of Vienna's YouTube-channel.