The Botanical Garden. The green lung of the University of Vienna. Since 1754.

Since it was founded in 1754, the Botanical Garden has been a place of research and teaching and, increasingly, also a place for communicating scientific ideas. As an interface between the academic world and society, it provides the general public with access to scientific topics and also themes relevant for society. These include a variety of species, biodiversity, nature conservation and protection of species. This means the Garden has developed into a place for raising awareness of ecological issues and for discovering nature for people of all ages.

Activities & events during the anniversary year

Rare Plants Fair

different plants at the annual Rare Plants Fair
The annual Rare Plants Fair presents an outstanding diversity of species and varieties beyond the mainstream assortment.

The biggest event of the Botanical Garden is the annual Rare Plants Fair in April. In 2015 this event was accompanied by an exhibition on the history of the University of Vienna and the plantation of the anniversary vine.

Anniversary wine

pouring wine in a glass
The University of Vienna presented two 650th anniversary wines: one white and one red wine made by young winemakers from Bisamberg.

On the occasion of the 650th Anniversary of the University of Vienna an award ceremony for the anniversary wine was held at the beginning of the year. Guests from various faculties were invited and there was a specialist jury of wine connoisseurs. A white wine and a red wine made by the young winemakers from Bisamberg won the competition. The vines were then planted in the Botanical Garden during the Rare Plants Fair in April 2015

Guided tours & exhibitions

visitors at the exhibition "Wiener Schule der Botanischen Illustration"
The exhibition "Wiener Schule der Botanischen Illustration" displayed around 60 works, which also address the historical dimension of botanical illustrations in Vienna.

Moreover, there was a special guided tour programme in the anniversary year, which also comprised interdisciplinary topics covering various locations. The anniversary activities of the Botanical Garden included the opening of the new pathway "Endlicher-Fenzl-Kerner-Weg" and the exhibition "Wiener Schule der botanischen Illustration" (Vienna school of botanical illustrations) as well as the "Apfeltage" (apple days), which were held for the first time in September 2015.