Campus Festival 2015 – an academic celebration for everyone

One highlight of the 650-year anniversary activities at the University of Vienna was the three-day Campus Festival in June 2015. Here the University of Vienna presented itself to the general public. More than 30,000 visitors embarked on a highly varied journey into the world of research at the University of Vienna.


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Activities & events

Great atmosphere

atmospheric crowd

During the opening of the Campus Festival on Friday, 12 June, the atmosphere was excellent. Until Sunday evening it did not change. On Friday alone 14,000 people visited the Campus and on Saturday and Sunday 10,000 people, respectively.

Interactive research trail

researcher demonstrating an interactive globe

In the interactive research trail visitors were able to experience the fascination of the academic world up close while actively participating themselves. More than 50 departments presented their current research projects in a lively manner that was also easy to understand for visitors.


visitors in front of an interactive wall

The Futurelab was dedicated to the academic challenges of tomorrow. Scholars of the University of Vienna provided answers in video clips to questions such as: Will there be any fish left in the global oceans in 50 years? What is the magical material of the future?

Live on stage

musicians live on stage

The three-day Campus Festival included a varied stage show. Visitors could enjoy a programme including academic cabaret, political satire and highlights from the Austrian music scene on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Campus court 1 free of charge.

Science Slam

a competitor on stage during the science slam

During the Science Slam, a competition for short academic talks, the audience judged not only the lecture's academic content but also its comprehensibility and entertainment value.

Poetry Slam

a competitor on stage during the poetry slam

On the occasion of the Campus Festival the fifth uni.vie.slam.poetrie the annual poetry slam took place at the University of Vienna. Under the motto "650 years, 650 words" the participants presented their own poems as fun and entertaining as possible on stage within five minutes.

Public Lectures

a tutor during a lecture

As part of the Public Lectures, scholars of the University of Vienna provided exciting and informative outreach lectures for young and old. These lectures and the discussions afterwards addressed today's issues of contemporary concern in 30 to 35 minutes.

History Cooking

a variety of ingredients for a historic dish
photo: vintagedept

The Campus Festival visitors were able to taste special delicacies at the local Campus restaurants: Various historical dishes from the Antiquity to the 1848 Revolution were served everyday by these restaurants.