The University of Vienna in a global network

With lecture halls and other rooms at 63 locations across Vienna, the University of Vienna is one of Austria’s leading conference and event venues. In the anniversary year 2015 alone, more than 130 national and international conferences, congresses and symposia took place at the University of Vienna. Many of them were related to the 650th Anniversary.

UVIECON – conference of international universities

participants of the international conference UVIECON
UVIECON 2015: This conference featured internationally renowned scholars and addressed the decisive factors for a university's and its region's competitiveness.

On 13 March the international conference "UVIECON 2015 – Global Universities and their Regional Impact" took place. It was dedicated to the role of global universities and their many different influences on the respective regions in the international context. The decisive factors for the competitiveness of a university and its region were discussed. Presidents and rectors from the Universities of Berlin, Cambridge, Chicago, Dublin, Hong Kong and Prague were guests at this congress. The results of the conference were published as the "Vienna Communiqué 2015".

The communiqué records that universities with a global radius of action have a very positive effect on the region in the areas of the economy, society and culture. They contribute to an open society that is receptive to changes by bringing an international perspective and approaches to finding solutions to the region. According to the conference participants, this is essential for ensuring that a region can develop sustainably.   

Conferences, congresses & symposia

Academic congresses and conferences have always been closely connected with universities. They do not only help create international networks in the corresponding academic disciplines, they also put the University and its location in the international spotlight.

Throughout 2015 there were more than 130 conferences, congresses and symposia at the University of Vienna; many of them are connected with the 650th Anniversary. This means that in the whole of 2015 the University of Vienna was a meeting place for almost 6,000 international academics coming to Vienna for exchanges with their peers.