University operations as of 16 March

CoV news: Emergency operation in research and administration
The University of Vienna stops all operations requiring its members’ attendance at the University and changes to emergency operation as of 16 March. The changes to remote learning remain unaffected. Employees can find further information on the intranet.

FAQs for (Prospective) Students

Answers to the most frequently asked study-related questions. These items are constantly being updated.

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Information & FAQs for employees

Employees can find all information and FAQs regarding coronavirus on the intranet. These pages will be updated continuously.

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FAQs - General topics

Answers to various further questions are available further down on this page. 

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FAQs for Students


What do the changes in teaching to remote learning mean?
I am an Erasmus student. What regulations apply to me?
What are the recommendations for Erasmus+ and other mobility programs?
What does the suspension of teaching mean for scheduled exam dates?
Do I have to pay for a graduation ceremony that has been cancelled?
I am enrolled on the diploma programme in Teacher Education at the University of Vienna as well as at a university of art. Does the extended deadline also apply to me?
Will the tuition fees be reimbursed due to military or alternative civilian service?
I want to validate my u:card, but the buildings of the university are closed. How can I do this?
I have to present my documents personally in the Admission Office, but the university is closed, so what can I do?
I have to have my documents legalised for the application for admission. However, my embassy is closed, so what can I do?
I cannot attend any courses, because the university is closed. However, I have paid my tuition fee. Can I get it back?
I need a stamp on my student record sheet and confirmation of enrolment, but the Admission Office is closed. What can I do?
I cannot attend courses because the university is closed. Can I still take a leave of absence now?
Are deadlines being extended for students who have to submit an academic thesis or seminar paper by 30 April?
What are the deadlines for courses with continuous assessment (pi courses) in the summer semester of 2020?
I need my diploma examination certificate. What can I do?
Will the entrance exam procedures for bachelor’s programmes take place as planned? Are deadlines being extended?
Where can I get computer programs (STATA, SPSS, etc.) that I need for my courses?
What are the rules for students who are sick?
What happens if I cannot obtain the required ECTS credits for scholarships/allowances due to courses being postponed?

FAQs General Topics


Will university buildings remain closed during this time?
What does the change to remote learning mean for access to/returning literature?
Do I have to pay for a graduation ceremony that has been cancelled?
Can I currently use the services provided by the Language Centre, Uniport or USI?
What are the symptoms of coronavirus?
How can I protect myself?
How and where can I find reliable information about Covid-19?
What can I do in my everyday life to counter the coronavirus epidemic?
Where can I get support in coping with my anxieties?