Universities are increasingly expected to actively introduce results from research and teaching into society and the economy. Numerous academics and units at the University of Vienna actively pursue this objective and stimulate and contribute to this knowledge exchange: ranging from the Research Services and Career Development, the Alumni Association (in German), the uniport careers service (in German) and the Postgraduate Center to the University of Vienna’s Children’s Office, which organises the annual Children’s University of Vienna, the Third Mission Office and, last but not least, the University' Corporate Communications.

University of Vienna. Making a difference. Since 1365.

The University of Vienna provides great and diverse impetus. In the field of research, it cooperates with industry, cultural institutions and society. About 10,000 students graduate from the University of Vienna every year. The University prepares them for a professional career and encourages critical thinking and self-determined decision-making.

Education in numbers

The University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe: About 9,900 employees, 6,900 of whom are academics, work at 20 faculties and centres. This makes the University of Vienna Austria’s largest research and education institution: About 89,000 national and international students are currently enrolled at the University of Vienna. With 178 degree programmes, the University offers the most diverse range of studies in Austria.

Every year, around 10,000 students complete their studies and shape our future as alumni and alumnae. Particularly notable graduates of the University of Vienna who are making a difference in our society include Heinz Fischer, former Federal President of Austria, Danielle Spera, Director of the Jewish Museum Vienna, Daniel Kehlmann, author, Oliver Hayden, who was awarded the European Inventor Award in 2017 for the development of a rapid blood test for malaria, Bernadette Wegenstein, filmmaker, Jörg Winter, head of the ORF’s correspondent office in Istanbul, and much more.

Video statement by Rector Engl (in German)