Georg Marschnig, Professorship for Didactics of History and Political Education

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Faculty of History and Cultural Studies and Center for Teacher Education

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"We all come into contact with history in many ways - in public spaces, on streaming platforms and on theater stages, as well as in historical novels, computer games or in the classroom: history is everywhere, and we are all constantly and actively shaping it in our present, using it in everyday life, in our studies, but also in politics or advertising. These highly diverse historical cultures shape individual and social life - researching them and making them accessible for historical-political learning is both a challenging and exciting task for me." (Georg Marschnig)


Research areas:

* Places, practices and media of historical culture
* Language sensitivity in historical-political learning
* Theory and practice of history teaching
* Remembrance, memory, commemoration
* Contemporary history and political education

Curriculum Vitae:

1999-2006 Teaching degree in History and German, University of Graz
2006-2007 University course "German as a Foreign Language", University of Graz
2007-2009 Research assistant at the Initiativkolleg "Cultures of Difference", University of Vienna
2008 Teaching trainee German as a foreign language, University of Hanoi
2009-2018 Secondary school teacher, Graz
2010 Doctorate at the University of Vienna
2012-2020 Lecturer at the Institute for History at the University of Graz
since 2016 Editor and author of the textbook series "Denkmal"
2018 & 2020 Scholarship holder of the Habilitation Forum for Didactics and Teaching Research
2020-2023 Senior Scientist at the Institute of History at the University of Graz
2021 Member of the board of the Interessengemeinschaft Politische Bildung
2022 Visiting Scholar at the University of Waterloo
since March 2023 Professor of Didactics of History and Civic Education, University of Vienna