The EuroDyna Programme
The programme has been launched by the European
Science Foundation in the year 2005. It tackles the problem
of nuclear organisation in relation to the control of gene
expression. It explores the molecular mechanisms that
underlie the dynamic positioning of transcriptionally
active and epigenetically silenced loci in eukaryotic
cells. In parallel, the structure and function
of nuclear compartments (e.g. nuclear bodies), as
well as their interaction with specific genomic
loci will be studied.


mRNA biogenesis
(Maria do Carmo-Fonseca)

Multi-zinc finger proteins and the dynamics
nuclear architecture (Niels Galjart)

Genome surveillance (Roland Kanaar)

Nuclear action of miRNAs (Rene F. Ketting)

Stress- and interferon-induced transcription
and nuclear reorganisation (Pavel Kovarik)

Linker histone variants and phosphorylation
(Herbert Lindner)

Chromatin higher order dynamics: a single
molecule approach (Colin Logie)

Cohesin/condensin complexes
(Jan-Michael Peters)

Chromatin dynamics of transcriptional stress
response in yeast (David Shore)
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