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General Information

There will be a poster competition at the Vienna Summer School on Drug Design 2019. The best 3 posters will be honored. All poster presenters will get a participation certificate.

The format of the posters should be portrait (100 x 70 cm).

By mid August 2019, we will inform you if your poster is accepted or not.

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Please mind, that the University of Vienna changed the ECTS credit regulations for univie summer/winter schools:

Only Master and PhD students who actively participate in this year‘s summer school will be credited 4 ECTS. In order to get credited 4 ECTS the following criteria have to be fulfilled:

  • presenting a poster during the poster session and
  • writing a 1-page abstract after the summer school about your experience and achievements accomplished during the Summer School on Drug Design 2019 and how this will impact your research.

Students who do not meet the above mentioned criteria will receive a participation certificate without ECTS credits.