Are there Women’s Practices?

Full panel title

Are there Women’s Practices? Questioning Women’s Activities in Southeast Asian Societies


Elodie Coffre (IRASEC – Institut de Recherches sur l’Asie du Sud-Est Contemporaine)

Date and time

13 August, 14:00 – 15:30


Room 16


  • The Arisan and the Cooperative: The Double Scope of Local Economic Management by Women Groups
    Elodie Coffre (IRASEC)
  • Thai Women’s Empowerment Fund: How a National Policy and the Needs of Grassroots Women Find Each Other
    Kesinee Jirawanidchakorn (Kyoto University)
  • Localizing Women’s Role in a Globalized World
    Abigaël Pesses (Irasec)

Panel abstract

Various studies show that women are involved in specific activities throughout Southeast Asia, be them economical religious, political etc. This panel aims to question the relevancy of categorizing them as specifically feminine: how and when did they appear? Did changes happen through history? How can we understand, describe and analyze it? Are there new actors/agents which participated and promoted the categorization of mainly or only women’s practices (such as NGOs, national politics etc.)?
What is at stake behind such categories? Those questions will be treated through an insight in different local practices throughout Southeast Asia brought by the different presenters.
Our focus will be on women’s professionalization, the historical perpetuation and evolutions of practices considered as “traditional” and their contemporary investment, as well as the impact of local, national and international (mainly through ASEAN and UN) politics on gender equality and women’s empowerments.

By crossing perspectives (political, anthropological, economical, sociological, and historical) we hope to contribute more broadly to a critical reflection about women’s practices in Southeast Asia.