Evolutionary Genetics Workshop

Evolutionary Genetics Workshop September 20 to September 23, 2011, held at IST Austria – a joint initiative of IST Austria and the Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics

Evolutionary genetics is central to a wide range of biological
questions, and is expanding dramatically with the flood of DNA
sequence data. This intensive four-day course will give a thorough
introduction to the subject, showing its broad scope, and teaching a
variety of techniques that can be used to model the evolutionary
process, and that can be applied to diverse problems.

The course is aimed at graduate students with diverse backgrounds -
both in evolutionary biology, and coming in from different fields.
Teaching will be a combination of lectures, discussion groups, and
worked examples; simulation software will be provided.

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Nick Barton, Jon Bollback (IST Austria)
Reinhard Bürger, Joachim Hermisson, Ines Hellman (U Vienna)
Magnus Nordborg (Gregor Mendel Institute, Vienna)
Christian Schlötterer (Vetmeduni Vienna)

This workshop is a joint initiative between IST Austria and the Vienna
Graduate School of Population Genetics.  For more information, see www.popgen-vienna.at/
and www.univie.ac.at/evolvienna/


20 – 23rd September  2011. The course runs for four days,
with students arriving for a welcome reception on the evening of
Monday 19th September.

The course fee is € 350,-. This includes lodging on the IST campus,
meals, course material, and social events. There will be a reduced rate for those not needing accommodation and for local participants.

The course will be held at the campus of IST Austria, which is just
outside Vienna. Accommodation will be in the Guesthouse on campus.

Application deadline is May 30, 2011. Successful applicants will be
notified by mid-June.

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