Summer School: Quantitative Population Genetics (Corsica)

Posted on January 10th, 2013 | News

A summer school on Quantitative Population Genetics will take place in Cargese, Corsica (France): 8-20 July, 2013Application Deadline: March 31th, 2013

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A limited number of fellowships will be available.

The basic laws of evolution are simple: mutations generate variation,
while genetic drift, recombination, and selection change the frequencies
of the variants. Yet it is surprisingly difficult to predict how these
effects combine to determine how a population will evolve, or to use
our observations of genetic variation in nature to infer how evolution
has acted in the past. This summer school will give students, postdocs,
and researchers in quantitative disciplines (physics, applied math,
computer science, population genetics, statistics, and computational
and systems biology) an overview of the challenges in the field, and
introduce them to current analytical, computational, and experimental
methods of addressing the open questions.

Isabel Gordo, Institute Gulbenkian
Anna di Rienzo, University of Chicago
Daniel Fisher, Stanford University
Bernard Dujon, Institut Pasteur
David Bensimon, ENS Paris
Oskar Hallatschek, UC Berkeley
Michael Laessig, University of Cologne
Dmitri Petrov, Stanford University
Colin Russell, University of Cambridge
Thierry Mora, ENS Paris
Richard Neher, MPI Tuebingen
Guy Sella, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Sheri Simmons, Marine Biological Lab
Yun Song, UC Berkeley
Sander Tans, AMOLF

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