Fifth EED Meeting, Vienna, 22-25 July 2014

Registration is open for the 2014 EED meeting in Vienna. The meeting will be held from 22 to 25 July 2014 at the Campus of the University of Vienna.


The meeting fee is 250€ for non-student members and 190€ for students (300€ and 250€ after the early fee deadline of 30 April 2014). The meeting fee includes lunches on 23, 24 and 25 July 2014. Registration also includes temporary membership in the EED society. The membership fee is 20€ both for non-student members and students.

To register, please go to the conference page at our website:

Abstract submission:

Abstract submission is open: the deadline for abstract submission will be 30 April 2014.

We are pleased to present an exciting scientific program of keynote lectures and symposia/minisymposia. (Whereever possible submitted abstracts will be associated with one of the symposia or minisymposia).

Keynote speakers:

Veronica Grieneisen (John Innes Centre, Norwich, United Kingdom)
Jean-Jacques Hublin (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, Germany)
Stuart Newman (New York Medical College, United States)
Ulrich Technau (University of Vienna, Austria)
Symposia and Minisymposia:

N.B. for a full listing of the symposium speakers, see the Symposia and Minisymposia Vienna 2014 Webpage

Mechanisms of development
Organizers: Annemiek Cornelissen, Naomi Nakayama

Ecological and environmental impacts in the evolution of organismal development
Organizers: Chris Lowe, Angelika Stollewerk, John Willis

How does developmental robustness facilitate the evolution of biodiversity?
Organizers: Rainer Melzer, Günter Theißen

EvoDevo of cranial neural crest populations across developmental systems.
Organizer: Georgy Koentges

Less is more: loss of gene functions as a driving force of developmental evolution
Organizers: Ingo Braasch, Cristian Cañestro

Uncovering the genomic bases of phenotypic change in the NGS era
Organizers: Manuel Irimia, Ignacio Maeso, Juan Pascual-Anaya

EcoEvoDevo – beyond the Modern Synthesis
Organizers: Scott Gilbert, Yoav Soen

«Living fossils», myth or reality?
Organizers: Patrick Laurenti, Didier Casane

Form and function of structural colour: convergent evolution across multiple kingdoms
Organizers: Beverley Glover, Heather Whitney

NEPTUNE ITN: the evolution of sensory systems in the marine environment
Organizers: Maria Ina Arnone, Andreas Hejnol

Quantitative EvoDevo in model and non-model organisms
Organizers: Benedikt Hallgrimsson, Chris Klingenberg, Ruth Flatscher, Philipp Mitteroecker

Developmental basis of quantitative variation
Organizers: Mihaela Pavlicev, Günter Wagner

Perspectives on Wnt signaling
Organizers: Wim Damen, Cornelius Eibner

Origin and diversification of regeneration
Organizers: Florian Raible

Towards an Extended Evolutionary Synthesis
Organizers: Gerd Müller, Werner Callebaut

Quo vadis EvoDevo?
Organizers: Manfred D. Laubichler, Cassandra Extavour

What should bioinformatics do for EvoDevo? Omics contribution to EvoDevo
Organizers: Ann Burke, Paula Mabee, Günter Plickert, Mark Blaxter

EvoDevo of symmetry in animals and plants
Organizers: Sophie Nadot, Catherine Damerval

Plant EvoDevo (title t.b.a.)
Organizer: John Bowman, Mitsuyasu Hasebe

Structural organization in vertebrate dentitions: molecules, morphology and function
Organizers: Moya Smith, Abigail Tucker

EvoDevo as an approach to understanding communication
Organizers: Ulrike Griebel, Oller Koller

Local Organizing Committee

Philipp Mitteröcker
Department of Theoretical Biology, University of Vienna

Gerd B. Müller
Department of Theoretical Biology, University of Vienna

Isabella Sarto-Jackson
Konrad Lorenz Institute for Evolution and Cognition Research

Uli Technau
Department of Molecular Evolution and Development, Univ. of Vienna

Kristin Tessmar-Raible
Max-Perutz Laboratories, Vienna Biocenter
We look forward to seeing you in Vienna,

The executive committee of the EED:

Frietson Galis
Ronald Jenner
Gerd B. Müller
Peter Olson
Michael Schubert
Charlie Scutt

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