New Master’s program

Posted on January 21st, 2016 | News

Vienna now offers the new Master’s program “Evolutionary Systems Biology”, run jointly by University of Vienna and Vetmeduni Vienna, starting in Fall 2016/17.

Accepted students will:
- Learn how to understand and handle modern “- omics” data sets.
- Develop key computational skills and delve into biological modelling.
- Combine experimental “wet-lab” technologies with quantitative “dry-lab” methods.
- Apply these skills to questions arising from evolutionary biology, development, comparative genomics, and systems biology.

A few program highlights:
- Courses covering population genetics, comparative genomics, molecular evolution, EvoDevo and systems biology.
- Practical courses introducing modelling, programming, and statistical data analysis to biologists.
- An extensive research component, including rotations in multiple research groups, one-on-one training, and individual research projects.
- Special skill courses on giving scientific talks and writing successful grant proposals.

More information about the program and the application procedure is available at

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