Mini-Symposium: Frontiers of Population Genetics IV

The Vienna Graduate School of Population Genetics organises a Mini-Symposium on May 09, 2018.

Date: May 09, 2018

Venue: UPDATE: Lecture Hall B (campus building FA), Vetmeduni Vienna

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Program: Mini-Symposium “Frontiers of Population Genetics IV”

13:30 Opening remarks

13:35-14:20 John Parsch – LMU München
“Population transcriptomics of Drosophila melanogaster

14:20-15:05 (45) Brian Charlesworth – University of Edinburgh
“Revisiting selective sweep theory”

15:05-15:35 (30) coffee break

15:35-16:20 (45) Nick Barton – IST Austria
“Understanding the response to selection for longer-legged mice”

16:20-17:05 (45) Andrew Clark – Cornell Univ.
“Mother’s Curse, Father’s Curse, and the resolution of sexual conflict”

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