Workshop: Mathematical Models in Biology

PDE & Stochastic Approaches
April 20-22, 2020The purpose of the workshop is to bring together excellent mathematicians contributing to the fi eld of Mathematical Biology. In particular we aim to highlight the variety of biological phenomena that can be modelled, the diversity of PDE and Stochastic techniques in use, and the connection between them. Participants are invited to present their own research during the poster session.

Financial support for PhD and master students presenting a poster is available up to a certain amount.

Registration & Information:

Con rmed speakers:
Ellen Baake
Jean Clairambault
Carina Geldhauser
Tommaso Lorenzi
Angelika Manhart
Sara Merino-Aceituno
Beno^t Perthame
Jan-Frederik Pietschmann
Mariya Ptashnyk
Emmanuel Schertzer
Helmut Schmidt
Cinzia Soresina
Christina Surulescu

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