Date: 2325 September 2009
Location: Loft of the Haus-, Hof- und Staatsarchiv, Minoritenplatz 1, 1010 Wien
Organizer: Department of History (University of Vienna), FWF project P 18215-G08,
Institute for Austrian Historical Research, Austrian State Archive
Coordination: PD Dr. Peter Rauscher, Prof. Dr. Thomas Winkelbauer

The conference seeks to debate current research projects on early modern financial history and to stimulate future co-operations. Although the development of early modern European state finances is the focus of the symposium non European states are represented as well. Topics of interest include: Development, composition und admini-stration of the finances of the princes or estates; Finances and warfare; Taxes and tax systems; State finances and financial markets: Creditors, banks and financial projects; Early modern finance theory; Financial authorities and their members.


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