"How well the crowd in this town would never think of forming a M. na gC. Society! It'd be such a . . . a . . . . fine tribute to an old man! And with a statue in College Green my back turned to Trinity! (I still may have the figure to wear a stone beard and stone frock coat)"
- Cruiskeen Lawn, December 1944.

Dear friends, colleagues, fellow Flanneurs & Mylesians,

This site serves as a home address of the International Flann O'Brien Society (IFOBS), which aims to provide O'Nolan scholars with the means of keeping in touch, and staying up to date with the latest Flann & Myles-related research worldwide. Of course this is intended to be a community-based initiative and is very much an idea in progress, so all suggestions for improvements and volunteers for projects will be gratefully received.


Here, you will find a news section with all the latest news from the O'Brien world, and if you go to our IFOBS Bibliography page you will see our first attempt at a comprehensive Flann bibliography. We intend this to be a live and continually updated bibliography of all works on Flann, so please take a moment to peruse it and let us know if any articles, theses, translations, or adaptation by yourself or others missing, and we will update it as we receive them.

Conference Series & The Parish Review

IFOBS has also created a framework for the organization of  events dedicated to the work of our man: to date, biennial society conferences have been held in Dublin (2011), Rome (2013), Prague (2015), Salzburg (2017), and Dublin (2019).

Other society initiatives include biennial prizes, known as The Father Kurt Fahrt, S.J. Memorial Prize: one for the 'best book-length publication on a Brian O'Nolan theme' (the Big Fahrt) and one for the 'best essay-length publication on a Brian O'Nolan theme' (the Small Fahrt); and a bi-annual peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the work of Flann (to get your copies of The Parish Review, just sign up for membership at


Our  addresses:

The International Flann O'Brien Society
c/o Paul Fagan
Vienna Centre for Irish Studies
Department of English
University of Vienna
Spitalgasse 2-4, Hof 8
A-1090 Vienna
(Vienna Centre for Irish Studies)

For more day-to-day updates and links from the world of Flann you can



Thank you for all your help and support, we look forward to building the International Flann O'Brien Society together with you,

with fond regards,
Paul Fagan & Ruben Borg