Contributions 2002

These pages are a forum for users of maths online. We publish feedback messages and questionnaires, as far as they are of general interest. A few German contributions have been translated into English. (The originals may be found in the forum of the German version mathe online, along with a number of more contributions).

You can send us a message by E-mail or web page form, or use the questionnaire.

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Contributions 2001

  Gutierrez, J.     congratulations    August 24, 2002
  Carlos Pozzobon     Don't mix theory with puzzles    July 19, 2002
  Max Caley     the best math site I've seen    July 16, 2002
  John Robertson     marvelously illustrative    May 26, 2002
  Maria DeCambra     Java applets for Math CD-ROM    May 21, 2002
  Ron Lewis     copy and paste graphs?    May 17, 2002
  Rita Kizito     one of the best websites I have seen    April 10, 2002
  Jim Hoffman     applets and puzzles for Saskatchewan school    Fabruary 25, 2002
  Bill Duru     over-simplified problems    Fabruary 20, 2002
  Ann Ludbrook     Java applets for e-book    Fabruary 4, 2002
  Sim Kang Chong     Java applets for Singapore Lectures    January 3, 2002

Contributions 2001

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