Scientific Rationale

This IAU symposium 343 aims to build a bridge between research on Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars themselves and its application to the modelling of stellar populations and the chemical evolution of galaxies and the Universe as a whole. Current developments and challenges seen from both domains will be discussed to reach an understanding of possibilities, limitations, and needs in both areas, and hence to improve our understanding of the role of AGB stars in the context of galaxies over cosmic time.

If you have any questions concerning the symposium, please contact us at galagb.astro@univie.ac.at

First info on proceedings

Dear participants of IAU S343, dear authors!

The proceedings of IAU S343 symposium will be published about six months after the meeting, in the IAU Proceedings’ Series by the IAU Publisher, Cambridge University Press.
The editors of the proceedings are Franz Kerschbaum, Martin Groenewegen, and Hans Olofsson with the support by our editorial assistant Verena Baumgartner.
We will be using the CUP online submission system to collect all submissions to the Proceedings volume. You should register to use this online submission system.

ALL contributions must be submitted via this online site, and authors should take care to submit their contribution to the correct Symposium (Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars…) this will have to be selected by the author from a dropdown menu on submission.
NO e-mail submission to CUP or us is possible!
IAU instructions for authors and associated files for authors are linked there (under Resources). More detailed instructions can also be found here.
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We request that all manuscripts must be submitted by September 16, 2018. We suggest submitting your contributions – especially poster contributions – already during or shortly after the conference in order to secure a smooth editorial process!
Instructions concerning the inclusion of questions and answers will be distributed during the conference.
All authors are also requested to complete the online IAU Copyright Form.
Strict page limitations for the contributions are: Invited talks (10 pages), Contributed talks (4 pages) Posters (2 pages)
AGAIN: Deadline for manuscripts: September 16, 2018!

See you all soon in Vienna!
Your editorial team for IAU S343:
Franz Kerschbaum, Martin Gronewegen, Hans Olofsson, and Verena Baumgartner!

PS: INFO from the IAU GA organizers: The usage of the e-poster facility excludes the printed version, but e-posters are available for the whole GA and can contain more information. e-posters have to be uploaded to the central system as oral presentations, too.