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Month: April 2016

CfP Fifth European Congress on World and Global History 2017

Call for Panels for the Fifth European Congress on World and Global History in Budapest, August 31st – Septemper 3rd 2017. For further Details see Call for Panels_ENIUGH Congress_2017

Neuerscheinung: Gott will es

Philipp A. Sutner, Stephan Köhler und Andreas Obenaus haben einen Sammelband zum ersten Kreuzzug herausgegeben: Gott will es. Der Erste Kreuzzug – Akteure und Aspekte ist eben bei Mandelbaum erschienen – inzwischen bereits Band 29 der ‘Roten Reihe’ des VSIG. Hier der Link zum Buch.

Agrarian Studies Group on Economic Anthropology

The Agrarian Studies Group is back. This semester on Economic Anthropology (Polanyi and others). Start: Monday, April 25th 2016, 16-17h30 @ Kommunikationsraum WISO. For further details see the Poster, the first Invitation and the texts to be discussed.

CfP for Panel on Developing the Others, Improving Oneself

Berholdt Unfried and Eric Burton welcome contributions to a panel on Developing the Others, Improving Oneself at the international conference Development, Solidarity and the Mutual Interest, University of Vienna, December 2nd and 3rd, 2016. Deadline for application: May 20th 2016. For further details see Link.

Moishe Postone on rethinking marxism @ IFK

Moishe Postone, Professor of Modern History at the University of Chicago, rethinks Marx’s analysis of capitalism and how it could illuminate the global dynamics of the past century. For more details see Link.

International Conference on: How did ‘social networks’ of the past work?

Entangled Worlds. Network analysis and complexity theory in historical and archaelogical research is the full title of an international conference to be held at the Academy of Sciences (Vienna) from April 13th – 15th 2016. For more details see Link.

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