This website is the new online platform of the Forschungsschwerpunkt Global History, hosted by the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Sciences / University of Vienna. A Forschungsschwerpunkt is a network of scholars and students with a common field of research. In our case Global History. The basic idea of a Forschungsschwerpunkt is to break up institutional boundaries and connect people from different departments and univsersities. For a list of currently involved scholars see People. We are always interested to further expand the Global History network!

This site is an interactive platform. That means you can and should participate in filling it with content. You are welcome to comment every post. We can also grant you the status of a writer / editor, which means you can post on this site yourself. Feel free to post events, book reviews, jobs, other interesting blogs, videos of talks or whatever you think might be of interest for the Global History community. If you are not familiar with wordpress yet, we offer quick crash-courses (it’s really easy). You can post both in English and German.

If you are interested to join the network, please contact the Admin.