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"Geschichte Online" offers online modules for internet-based teaching in the historical sciences, historical didactics and in historical/cultural study courses.

The modules developed in this project are designed to be used as broadly as possible in both regular history studies and vocational training, especially in the introductory phase, in lectures and seminars as well as in specialist didactic instruction.

Through the implicit train-the-trainer concept university teachers are also introduced to gradually using new media and e-learning. Even though aims and emphases may differ, the following objectives are pursued in the modules:
  • Compact, interactively designed teaching and learning materials ought to enable students better to approach relevant fields of historical sciences as well as neighbouring branches within cultural studies and make them familiar with crucial working and research techniques.
  • A database-oriented system helps collectively to create hypertext networks and supports structured teamwork, communication, thinking in text categories and contexts - all of which key competences for future cultural scientists.
  • Modules from the field of historical didactics introduce trainee teachers to the use of new media in teaching history
  • Austrian and cross-border cooperations initiate and develop relevant teaching structures for e-learning in the field of historical-cultural studies at German-speaking universities.

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