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Markus Teige
group leader

tel. 43-1-4277 52810


PhD student
Diploma student


Plant signal transduction and physiology

Strategies of biochemical adaptation to environmental changes (abiotic or biotic stress, light) or during developmental switches in plants are the major focuss of our work. These processes require a strict regulation and coordination of different cellular activities, for example coordination of chloroplast- and cellular metabolism. We investigate signaling pathways, which are involved in the regulation of these events. Recently, we were able to demonstrate the essential role of an Arabidopsis MAP kinase cascade for adaptation to salt- and cold stress (Teige et al. (2004) Mol. Cell 15, 141-152.


One topic to be addressed in the future is the cross-talk of these signaling pathways with other pathways responding to the same stimuli such as Ca2+-dependent protein kinases, which are activated under similar stress conditions. Therefore, we started to analyse the Ca2+-dependent protein kinase CPK3, which seems to be associated with chloroplasts in Arabidopsis. This kinase is also activated by different abiotic stresses, but molecular targets have not been identified so far.


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M. Teige, E. Scheikl, V. Reiser , H. Ruis and G. Ammerer (2001): Rck2, a member of the CaM- protein kinase family links protein synthesis to high osmolarity MAP-kinase signaling in budding yeast. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci (USA) 98, 5625-5630. (pubmed)

M. Teige, M. Melzer and K.-H. Süss (1998): Purification, Properties, and In situ localization of the Calvin cycle enzymes D-ribulose 5-phosphate 3-epimerase and transketolase from spinach chloroplasts. Eur. J. Biochem. 252, 237-244.

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