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Wer den diesjährigen Daten.Netz.Politik Event “Brandung 2.0″ versäumt hat, kann alle Beiträge hier nachlesen & nachsehen!

The Communication Review special issue: “Twitter Revolutions?  Addressing Social Media and Dissent”
Volume 14, Issue 2 (2011); From the ECREA List:

“The Internet, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have reconstituted, especially among young people, how social relationships are constructed and how communication is produced, mediated, and received. They have also ushered in a new regime of visual imagery in which screen culture creates spectacular events just as much as they record them.  Under such circumstances, state power becomes more porous and less controlled (…) Read the rest of this entry »

Bloggers as Early Adopters of Public Opinion: Ethnography  of Influencing Networked Publics

For half a century communication researchers have been putting to the test theories of mass media effects on public opinion. However, the blogosphere‘s ability to influence public opinion is not yet backed by consistent empirical evidence or an account of the relevant practices. Read the rest of this entry »