Talk by Prof. Dr. Samir Gandesha on Extractivism and Environmental and Indigenous Struggles in Canada

Vortrag Friday, 08.01.2016

Samir Gandesha is an Associate Professor in the Department of the Humanities and the Director of the Institute for the Humanities at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He specializes in modern European thought and culture, with a particular emphasis on the 19th and 20th centuries.

After outlining what Samir Gandesha and Steve Collis call the “State of Extraction” – the inter-relation between practices of resource extraction, economy, state, and climate change – he concludes with a defence of the concept of the Anthropocene insofar as it could be said to, implicitly if not explicitly, underlie Indigenous resistance to extractivism.

Monday, 11 January, 3-5 p.m.
Conference Room, Department of Political Science, A 222, Universitätsstrasse 7/2 (NIG)


Dr. Melanie Pichler, Institute of Social Ecology, University of Klagenfurt (tbc)
Dr. Johannes Maerk, Lecturer at the Department of Political Science, Uni of Vienna

Welcome and facilitation:

Dr. Gertrude Saxinger, Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna

Institut für Politikwissenschaft
Institut für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie
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