‘History and present of Isotype’ at Wirtschaftsmuseum, Vienna

4 October 2019

This exhibition is being shown until 14 February 2020 as a satellite of the exhibition ‘Das rote Wien’ (Red Vienna) organized by the Wien Museum at MUSA. ‘History and present of Isotype’ is curated by Gernot Waldner and includes original material from the Wirtschaftsmuseum and the Wiener Kreis Gesellschaft (Vienna Circle Society) plus reproductions of material from the Otto & Marie Neurath Isotype Collection (University of Reading, UK). The curatorial team included Christopher Burke, Gerhard Halusa, Yvonne Heigl, and Olaf Osten. The exhibition also features some new Isotype charts on the theme of immigration, executed by Yvonne Heigl (graphic designer at the Wirtschaftsmuseum).

At the opening of the exhibition on 6 September 2019, a lecture was given by Günther Sandner & Christopher Burke with the title ‘Words divide – pictures unite.’ The event was moderated by art historian Maria Holter.

Günther Sandner, Maria Holter, & Christopher Burke. (Photo: Yvonne Heigl, Wirtschaftsmuseum)

Further lectures will be held on the theme of Isotype at the Wirtschaftsmuseum by Friedrich Stadler (15 October 2019), Elisabeth Nemeth (13 November 2019), and Konrad Pesendorfer (10 December 2019). See here for more details.

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