Günther Sandner is a political scientist and historian. His research interests are political and intellectual history in the twentieth century, especially the history, politics and theory of Logical Empiricism and Austromarxism. He has written the books Otto Neurath. Eine politische Biographie (Wien: Zsolnay 2014), Engagierte Wissenschaft. Austromarxistische Kulturstudien und die Anfänge der britischen Cultural Studies (Münster: Lit 2006) and Die Natur und ihr Gegenteil. Politische Diskurse der sozialdemokratischen Kulturbewegung bis 1933/34 (Wien, New York: Lang 1999). He is co-editor of numerous books, including Anna und Rosa Schapire. Sozialwissenschaft, Kunstgeschichte und Feminismus um 1900 (Berlin: AvivA 2017), as well as the author of many articles and essays on the above-mentioned subject areas.

Günther Sandner is FWF Research Fellow at the Institute Vienna Circle of the University of Vienna. He teaches political science and political education at the University of Vienna and at the Sozialakademie der Arbeiterkammer (Social Academy of the Chamber of Labor).

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Christopher Burke is a typographer, typeface designer, and design historian. His principal area of research is twentieth-century graphic design. He has written two books about major figures in typography of the twentieth century: Paul Renner: the art of typography (1998) and Active literature: Jan Tschichold and New Typography (2007), both published by Hyphen Press (London).

He co-edited Otto Neurath’s ‘visual autobiography’ From hieroglyphics to Isotype (2010) and History of the Monotype Corporation (2014). He was co-curator of the exhibitions ‘Isotype: international picture language’ (Victoria & Albert Museum, London, 2010) and ‘Time(less) signs: Otto Neurath and reflections in contemporary Austrian art’ (Austrian Cultural Forum, London, 2014). Burke was also a major contributor to the book Isotype: design and contexts, 1925–1971 (2013).

Burke designed the typefaces Celeste, Celeste Sans, Pragma, and Parable.

He is Principal Research Fellow at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading, UK.


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