Freitag, 28.07.2017
Call for Papers „Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Technology“

Call for Papers „Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Technology“

For the Journal "Techné: Research in Philosophy and Technology" until October 1st, 2017.

Few philosophers of technology enlist Wittgenstein’s work when thinking about technology, and scholars of Wittgenstein pay scant attention to remarks about technology in his work. This double neglect of (aspects of) Wittgenstein’s work is symptomatic of a more general gap between philosophy of language and philosophy of technology. This special issue of Techné: Research in Philosophy of Technology, entitled “Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Technology”, aims to close these gaps with innovative research papers that use Wittgenstein to conceptually develop existing investigations in philosophy of technology and/or to better understand and evaluate technologies in the 21st century.

Contributors are invited to critically reflect on issues from various (disciplinary) perspectives and in particular to ponder the two questions (1) of what philosophy of technology can learn from Wittgenstein, and (2) of philosophy of technology and language can be fruitfully linked.

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