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Rachel Cooper
Rachel Cooper is Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at Lancaster University, UK. Her research focuses on conceptual problems around psychiatric classification, and on understanding concepts of disorder and health. Her most recent book, Diagnosing the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Karnac, 2014), examines issues with the DSM-5, the latest edition of the classification of mental disorders published by the American Psychiatric Association. Her earlier monograph Classifying Madness (Springer, 2005) also concerns philosophical problems with psychiatric classification. She is also very interested in problems having to do with the concept of disorder, and is trying to work out what makes a condition count as a disorder, as opposed to a moral failing, or normal variation. She has written widely on this problem, and hopes to finish off a book on the issue in the next couple of years. Her other major publications include Psychiatry and the Philosophy of Science (2007, Acumen) which examines the ways in which psychiatric science is like and unlike more established sciences.

Dominic Murphy
Dominic Murphy studied philosophy at the University of Dublin and University College London, before obtaining a PhD from Rutgers under the supervision of Stephen Stich. He was a Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology postdoc at Washington University in St. Louis, before becoming assistant Professor pf Philosophy at Caltech. In 2008 he moved to Sydney as Senior lecturer, becoming an Associate Professor and Head of the History and Philosophy of Science Department in 2012. Currently, he is director of the Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science. He has held visiting fellowships at the Pittsburgh HPS centre and the Université Francois Rabelais, Tours. He is the author of Psychiatry in the Scientific Image (MIT Press 2006) and the co-editor of Stich and His Critics (Blackwell 2009), as well as papers in philosophy oif psychiatry, philosophy of medicine, moral psychology and philosophy of mind.

Tim Thornton
Tim Thornton is Professor of Philosophy and Mental Health at the University of Central Lancashire. As well as contemporary philosophy of thought and language, his research concerns conceptual issues at the heart of mental health care. He has published research papers and chapters on clinical judgement, idiographic and narrative understanding, the interpretation of psychopathology and reductionism and social constructionism in psychiatry. He is author of Essential Philosophy of Psychiatry (OUP 2007), Wittgenstein on Language and Thought (EUP 1998), John McDowell (Acumen 2004) and co-author of the Oxford Textbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry (OUP 2006) and Tacit Knowledge (Acumen 2013). He is an editor of the Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry (OUP 2014) and Senior Editor of the journal Philosophy, Psychiatry and Psychology. With Gloria Ayob, he runs a Philosophy and Mental Health distance learning teaching postgraduate programme at the University of Central Lancashire.

Guest Lecturer:

Raffaella Campaner (Universtà di Bologna)

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