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Thought Experiments


Rachel Cooper

Marcia Angell: Industry-Sponosred Clinical Research
The current diagnostic manuals
Rachel Cooper: Understanding the DSM-5: stasis and change
Hacking: Making Up People
Mallon: Social Roles that Matter
Hane Htut Maung: To what do psychiatric diagnoses refer? A two-dimensional semantic analysis of diagnostic terms
Jennifer Radden: Is This Dame Melancholy? Equating Today's Depression and Past Melancholia
Jerome C. Wakefield: The Concept of Mental Disorder

Dominic Murphy

Dominic Murphy and Gemma Lucy Smart: Mechanistic Models for Understanding Addiction as a Behavioural Disorder
Lewis-Fernández et al: Cultural Concepts of Distress
Cuthbert and Insel: Toward the future of psychiatric diagnosis: the seven pillars of RDoC
Richard Samuels: Delusion as a natural kind
Philip Gerrans: Delusional Attitudes and Default Thinking
Ian Hacking: Pathological withdrawl of refugee children seeking asylum in Sweden
Marta Halina: Mechanistic Explanation and Its Limits
Kathryn Tabb: Philosophy of Psychiatry After Diagnostic Kinds
Joseph Henrich et al.: The weirdest people in the world?

Tim Thornton

John Campbell: Rationality, Meaning, and the Analysis of Delusion
Gregory Currie: Imagination, Delusion and Hallucinations
Larry Davidson and David Roe: Recovery from versus recovery in serious mental illness: One strategy for lessening confusion plaguing recovery
Kim Hopper: Rethinking social recovery in schizophrenia: What a capabilities approach might offer
IGDA Workgroup: IGDA. 8: Idiographic (personalised) diagnostic formulation
Karl Jaspers: Causal and 'Meaningful' Connections between Life history and Psychosis
Naturalist Accounts of Mental Disorder
Jerome Wakefield: The Concept of Mental Disorder
Jerome C. Wakefield: Mental Disorder as a Black Box Essentialist Concept
Wilhelm Windelband: Rectorial Address. History and natural science

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