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USS SWC 2016 - Science, Values, and Democracy?

The 16th Vienna Summer University was held on July 4 15, 2016.

The lecturers were:
Mark B. Brown (California State University, Sacramento)
Heather Douglas (University of Waterloo, Ontario)
Andrew Jewett (Harvard University
Guest lecturer: Alexander Bogner

Science and democracy are key features of modern societies, but there have always been tensions between them, with implications for a wide range of public issues. This two-week course examined historical, philosophical, and political perspectives on the relation of science, values, and democracy.

The lectures dealt with the following topics:
Roles of values in science
Historical relations of science and democracy
Public engagement in sociotechnical controversies
Race, gender, and science
Science and religion in democracies
Politics of expert advice
Public assessment of scientific expertise
Science communication in democratic contexts
Universities and public life

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