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USS SWC 2017 Genomics: Philosophy, Ethics and Policy

The 17th Vienna Summer University was held on July 314, 2017.

The lecturers were:
Robert Cook-Deegan (Arizona State University)
Paul E. Griffiths (University of Sydney)
Jenny Reardon (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Over the last two decades, genomics has emerged as a powerful site for not just re-configuring understandings and enactments of life, but also for understanding how these conceptions and enactments form in tandemwith modes of ordering and governing lives. The two-week course explores conceptual innovations that draw these co-productive processes into view, as well as the histories and philosophies that deepen our understandings of not just genomics, but also our ever elusive efforts to make sense of life.

The lectures dealt with the following topics:

Identities of "the gene"
What is genetic information (a metaphor in search of a referent)?
What is genomics? A story of co-production
Race, difference, and genomics
Patents and ownership
Genomics amidst globalization and nation states
Beyond bioethics
Genomics and its public
The post-genomic world
Where are we headed?

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