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USS-SWC and Vienna

Seen in this way, the important scientific movements, which until now had their common center of radiation in Vienna - psychoanalysis, the philosophy of the Vienna Circle, and Kelsen's legal and political philosophy - really belonged together and they determined the specific intellectual atmosphere of the Austria that vanished, just as did, in the artistic sphere, the authors Broch, Canetti and Musil.
(Gustav Bergmann, 1938)

The Vienna Circle not only constitutes one of the historical pillars which modern philosophy of science rests upon. It was also one among many modernist movements of interwar Vienna: from the arts, literature and music to Freud's and Wittgenstein's Vienna. Unlike other summer universities which are held in small villages USS-SWC's location - the former General Hospital and now the new University Campus - will enable students to discover these roots of urban culture and visit the sites of Vienna's artistic and architectural heritage.

University of Vienna
Founded in 1365 by Duke Rudolf IV of Habsburg, the Alma Mater Rudolphina Vindobonensis is the oldest university in the German-speaking world. About 95,000 students from 128 countries are currently enrolled at the university whose eight faculties offer 130 degree programs.
Today's university "head-quarters", which were erected in 1884 are situated in the main building on the Ringstrasse. University of Vienna

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