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The Robert S. Cohen Archives



The Robert S. Cohen Collection and
The Robert S. Cohen Archives at the Institut Wiener Kreis

Robert Sonné Cohen (b.1923) is an American philosopher, scientist and historian of science and philosophy who has been editing the Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science and organizing the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science over many decades. The Boston University Special Collections will be the ultimate repository for the material of the Robert S. Cohen Collection, which ranges from the 1940s to the present day. The Robert S. Cohen Collection contains correspondence, unpublished and published manuscripts and typescripts, reprints, journal issues, news clippings, photographic prints, sound recordings, memos and notebooks.
As part of an ongoing archival transfer project, a substantial portion of the Robert S. Cohen Collection is being made available for use by educators and researchers at the Institut Wiener Kreis as the Robert S. Cohen Archives. The Institut will provide access to full-sized photomechanical reproductions of documents selected from the Collection that offer insight into the development of Logical Positivism as well as into the life-work and character of individual scientists and philosophers. The physical collection contains additional materials that will not be selected for photomechanical reproduction. The collection in its entirety will be available for researchers to use at the Boston University Special Collections.
In addition, visitors may access a document catalog containing information that has been entered about each item in the collection. In the catalog, you will find a record about each file folder containing individual items - letter, article, manuscript, typescript, photograph etc. - that make up the Robert S. Cohen Collection. Each record that we create contains information such as a document's title or specification, creator, date of creation and location within the original collection. The catalog is particularly useful as it provides further information that is not apparent on the document itself such as Robert S. Cohen's comments and cross-references to other items in the Collection.

The Robert S. Cohen Collection at the Institute Vienna Circle
by Enzo De Pellegrin and Robert S. Cohen
Section Vienna Circle Collection

The catalogue will be available soon


Eröffnung des Robert S. Cohen Archivs
Institut Wiener Kreis am 20. Oktober 2003

Robert S. Cohen

Robert S. Cohen

Robert S. Cohen

Robert S. Cohen und Elisabeth Nemeth

Friedrich Stadler und Robert S. Cohen

Friedrich Stadler, Robert S. Cohen, Allan Janik

Elisabeth Nemeth und Stephan Schmitz

Allan Janik

Hans-Joachim Dahms und Camilla Nielsen