Research Networking Programme “The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective” (PSE)
Opening Conference

The Present Situation in the Philosophy of Science

University of Vienna, December 18-20, 2008
Site of ESF/PSE: "Kapelle", Universitätscampus, Spitalgasse 2-4, Hof 1, A-1090 Wien
Thursday, December 18.
Opening addresses
9:00-9:30Jacques Dubucs (University of Paris I) and  
 Friedrich Stadler (University of Vienna)
I. Session: Team E, Foundational and Methodological Debates   Chair: Maria Carla Galavotti
9:30-10:00Thomas Uebel (University of Manchester) Aspects of Current History of Analytical Philosophy of Science
10:00-10:15Thomas Mormann (San Sebastian University)Commentary
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:30Cristina Chimisso (Open University UK)Aspects of Current History of Philosophy of Science in the French Tradition
11:30-11:45Anastasios Brenner (University Paul Valéry - Montpellier III)Commentary
12:00-12:30Michael Heidelberger (University of Tübingen)Aspects of Current History of 19th Century Philosophy of Science
12:30-12:45Massimo Ferrari (University of Turin)Commentary
II. Session: Team A, Formal Methods and their Applications to the Philosophy of Science   Chair: Theo Kuipers
15:00-15:30Stephan Hartmann (University of Tilburg)Formal Methods in General Philosophy of Science: The State of the Art
15:30-15:45Vincent Hendricks (Roskilde University)Commentary
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-17:00Hannes Leitgeb (University of Bristol)Formal Methods in the Philosophy of Natural and Formal Sciences
17:00-17:15Thomas Müller (Utrecht University)Commentary
17:30-18:00Franz Dietrich (University of Maastricht)Formal Methods in the Philosophy of Social Sciences
18:00-18:15Gabriella Pigozzi (University of Luxembourg)Commentary
Friday, December 19.
III. Session: Team B, Approaches to the Foundations of Science: The Place of the Life Sciences   Chair: Gereon Wolters
9:30-10:00Marcel Weber (University of Basel)Life in a Physical World
10:00-10:15Claude Debru (École Normale Supérieure - Paris)Commentary
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:30Thomas Reydon (University of Hannover)How Special are the Life Sciences? A View from the Natural Kinds Debate
11:30-11:45Miles MacLeod (University of Vienna)Commentary
12:00-12:30Mehmet Elgin (Mugla University)Reducing Function to Structure: An Example from Biochemistry
12:30-12:45Raffaella Campaner (University of Bologna)Commentary
IV. Session: Team C, The Present Situation of the Philosophy of the Cultural and Social Sciences: The "Naturalist Turn", the "Social Turn", and the Discussion on Scientific Realism   Chair: Adrian Miroiu
15:00-15:30Wenceslao Gonzalez (University of A Coruńa)Trends and Problems in the Philosophy of Social and Cultural Sciences: A European Perspective
15:30-15:45Arto Siitonen (University of Helsinki)Commentary
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-17:0Matti Sintonen (University of Helsinki)Realism in Social Science: Ontological, Causal, Structural, or What?
17:00-17:15Bengt Hansson (University of Lund)Commentary
17:30-18:00Daniel Andler (Université Paris-Sorbonne, IUF, IHPST-DEC-ENS)Is Naturalism the Unsurpassable Philosophy for the Sciences of Man in the 21st Century?
18:00-18:15Antonio Zilhao (University of Lisbon)Commentary
Saturday, December 20.
V. Session: Team D, Philosophical Foundations of the Physical Sciences   Chair: Miklós Rédei
9:30-10:00Dennis Dieks (Utrecht University)The Philosophy of Physics in Perspective
10:00-10:15Mauro Dorato (University of Roma 3)Commentary
10:30-11:00Coffee Break
11:00-11:30Roman Frigg (London School of Economics)Chance in Deterministic Systems
11:30-11:45László E. Szabó (Eötvös University, Budapest) Commentary
12:00-12:30Holger Lyre (University of Augsburg)Structural Realism and the Metaphysics of Physics
12:30-12:45Fred Muller (Erasmus University, Rotterdam)Commentary
13:00-13:15Maria Carla Galavotti (University of Bologna)Closing remarks
With the support of
European Science Foundation
Institute Vienna Circle
CIRESS Universtity of Bologna
British Society for the Philosophy of Science