Joint Theory Seminar

Tuesday 13:45-14:45



Date Location Title Speaker Abstract
01.10.2019 UV
08.10.2019 TU
15.10.2019 UV Ida Zadeh
22.10.2019 TU
29.10.2019 UV Urmi Ninad
05.11.2019 TU
12.11.2019 UV
19.11.2019 TU
26.11.2019 UV
03.12.2019 TU
10.12.2019 UV
17.12.2019 TU
24.12.2019 Christmas Break
31.12.2019 Christmas Break
07.01.2020 UV
14.01.2020 TU
21.01.2020 UV
28.01.2020 TU



The Joint Theory Seminar is held alternately at the University of Vienna and the Technische Universität Wien.

The Topic of the seminar is recent theoretical research in the areas of mathematical physics, high energy physics, physics of fundamental interactions and particle physics.

The target audience for the talks are PhDs, postdocs and faculty members.

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How to participate


Anyone can attend. If you are interested in a talk, just come.

Giving a talk

If you want to give a talk contact Raphaela or David.

Vienna Theory Lunch Seminiar

The Vienna Theory Lunch Seminar, which is held right before this seminar, might also be of interest to you.


Technische Universität Wien (TU)

Wiedner Hauptstraße 8

Red Area, 7th floor, Seminar Room (DC 07 A15)

University of Vienna (UV)

Boltzmangasse 5

5th floor, Erwin Schroedinger Lecture Hall


Daniel Grumiller
Associate Prof. Dr.techn.

Black holes and holography

Technische Universität Wien

Stefan Fredenhagen
Univ.-Prof. Dr.

Mathematical physics

University of Vienna

Raphaela Wutte

Black holes and holography

Technische Universität Wien

David Erkinger

Mathematical physics

University of Vienna