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Project Members

Prof. Dr. Martin Gaenszle
Prof. Dr. Martin GaenszleProject Leader

Martin Gaenszle is Professor in Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern South Asia at the University of Vienna, Austria. He has a Ph.D. in Cultural Anthropology, University of Heidelberg where he also studied Indology and Philosophy. From 1987 to 1993 he was Resident Representative of the South Asia Institute (University of Heidelberg) in Kathmandu, Nepal. Subsequently he taught cultural anthropology of South Asia at the University of Heidelberg (until 2005). Since 1984 he has been involved in field research in Nepal and North India. From 2000 to 2003 he worked in a collaborative research project on Banaras, India, doing research on the ethnohistory of the Nepali locality. From 2004 to 2006 he was fieldwork coordinator and ethnographic researcher in an interdisciplinary research project documenting two endangered languages in Nepal, Chintang and Puma. A major research focus is the study of Kiranti religion and its transformations in the contemporary world. His scholarly interests include religious pluralism, ethnicity, local history and oral traditions in South Asia, in particular the Himalayan region.

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Dr. Marion Wettstein
Dr. Marion WettsteinPostDoc Researcher, Sub-Project Leader

Marion Wettstein is a postdoctoral researcher in anthropology at the University of Vienna, currently conducting a research project on ritual lay dance among the Rai of Eastern Nepal. She has been doing research in Nagaland from 2003 to 2010, and accomplished her doctoral thesis on Naga Textiles in 2011. She was co-curator of the Exhibition “Naga—Beads and Ashes” (“Naga—Schmuck und Asche”, on display at the Ethnographic Museums of Zürich 2008 and Vienna 2012) and co-editor of the volume “Naga Identities” (Snoeck, 2008). Her research regions mainly lay in the extended Eastern Himalayas, especially Nagaland and Nepal, and her thematic interests include the anthropology of material culture and arts, visual anthropology, performance and dance, religion, ritual and mythology, as well as identity processes.

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Dr. Alban von Stockhausen
Dr. Alban von StockhausenPostDoc Researcher, Sub-Project Leader

Alban von Stockhausen studied Cultural Anthropology, Comparative Science of Religions and East Asian History of Art at the University of Zürich. In 2011, he was awarded a PhD in Cultural Anthropology. As an anthropologist and photographer, his work focuses on the Greater Himalayan region, especially the shamanistic cultures of Eastern Nepal and the Naga tribes of Northeast India and Burma. He curated and co-curated several exhibitions on South Asian topics in different European museums and worked in several international projects on cultural anthropology, ethnographic images and photographic archives.

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Nepal Team

Ass. Prof. Chatur Bhakta Rai
Ass. Prof. Chatur Bhakta RaiSenior Project Consultant

Dr. Vishnu Singh RaiGuest Researcher

Tejmaya RaiProject Assistant
Praveen PumaProject Assistant