Project Leader

Martin Gaenszle

Project Description

A comparative outlook is important in order to understand and highlight variations and continuities in Rai ritual, and so to allow focused comparisons of landscape imageries in territorial rituals the Puma subproject draws selectively on the extensive documentation of rituals of the Puma Rai (Khotang District, Southern Kiranti language, ISO 639-3: pum) which was compiled by Martin Gaenszle as the head of the ethnography part in the Chintang and Puma Documentation Project along with other team members (CPDP, see The in-depth study of Puma ritual materials (ritual texts dealing with shamanic soul journeys, places of origin, listings of toponyms etc.), and an enhanced ethnographic glossing, makes it possible to elucidate “family resemblance” but also significant differences in relation to the Dumi and other Rai groups. Of special interest are the funeral rituals of soul guidance and the hopmacham song genre.