Courses Winter Term

Courses Winter Term 2019/20 (under construction)

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Title type hours ECTS
180106 VO Cognitive Science – Introduction and Basic Concepts (2019W) VO 2 3 MEi:CogSci Master
180199 KU Cognitive Science Peer Teaching Course (2019W) KU 3 5 MEi:CogSci Master
180086 VO MEi:CogSci Cognitive Science Lecture Series (2019W) VO 2 1 MEi:CogSci Master
Knowledge Creation: Wissenschaftstheoretische Grundlagen der Wissensgenerierung  VO 2 3 EC Knowledge Creation & Innovation
Designing Innovation: Gestaltung von Wissens-, Innovations- und Lernprozessen VU 2 5 EC Knowledge Creation & Innovation
Seminar for Doctoral Candidates – Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Science, Knowledge, and Innovation (will not be offered this semester)
SE 2 5
Project Seminar in Innovation and Design (Guestprofessorship)
VO/PR Berlin University of the Arts