How to find Seminarraum I and Seminarraum II in the German department -- an illustrated guide

We sometimes organize talks at the Institut f├╝r Germanistik's seminar rooms I and II, in the main building (Universit├Ątsring 1). Several times, people who intended to come to our talks have given up because they were confused by the layout of this building. So we thought a step-by-step guide might help.

Seminarraum I

  1. Go to the main courtyard (Arkadenhof) and look for the entrance to Stiege 9 at the other end (on the left side of the courtyard when you are coming from the main entrance).

    The entrance should look like this:

  2. When you go inside, you will find an elevator to your left.

    Take the elevator to floor 1.ZG.

  3. After you get out of the elevator, turn right. You should be in this corridor:

    Walk to the end of the corridor and then turn right.

  4. You are now in a corridor that looks like this:

    Seminarraum I is located at the very end of this corridor.

    You made it!

Seminarraum II

  1. Go to the elevator at Stiege 9, as described in steps 1 and 2 above.

  2. Take the elevator to floor 2.ZG, i.e. all the way up.

  3. After you get out of the elevator, turn left. You should see this corridor:

  4. Walk through the two doors in the picture above and go straight ahead to the end of the corridor. There are some steps at the end of the corridor. Seminarraum II is located on your left, before the steps.

    You made it!

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