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The Research Group [KriMi] Critical Migration Studies is an interdisciplinary association of social scientists. By organising academic events, as well as conducting own research and presenting findings [KriMi] aims to foster critical migration studies.

In our understanding, critical migration studies is not a closed programme but a space in which dominant migration studies and politics can be analysed critically and which renders possibilities for developing emancipatory alternatives to this status quo. Reflecting upon the position of the researcher and her involvement in the research process is an integral part of such a critical migration studies.

The dominant perspective on migration is oftentimes shaped by national-economic rationalities, surveillance policies and culturalising integration-polemics. [KriMi] wants to confront these dominant relations with an alternative migration scholarship that aims to change academic and social realities.

Alternative migration studies need other research questions, other theories and methods, and must involve other actors as it is currently the case in the field. It is thus imperative, to overcome the methodological nationalism of dominant migration studies and to develop approaches which enable us to study the reality of disfranchisement, racism and economic exploitation under post-/neo-colonial conditions as well as the strategies and social struggles that migrants develop to confront this reality.

[KriMi] wants to foster and establish such a critical migration studies in cooperation and debate with interested researchers, activists and others.