Map of the Philippines

by Ferdinand Blumentritt

Showing the geographical distribution of the different ethnic groups.

The text will be added later on. A reprint can be found in:

Philippine Progress prior to 1898 (Vol.I). By Austin Craig & Conrado Benitez. Philippine Education Co., Inc. 1916. In: Filipiniana Reprint Series, Book 15, Ed. Renato Constantino, Manila 1985.
Ferdinand Blumentritt: Philippine Tribes and languages, pp. 140-162.  

You may download the map (1,92 MB) in high resolution (2800 x 4000 pixel) after answering a short questionnaire.


Please have in mind that this map was made more than 100 years ago. For an accurate list of languages spoken in the Philippines you may check the list provided by the Summer Institute of Linguistics .

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created: May 25, 1997
updated: October 10, 1998
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