Ferdinand Blumentritt: An Austrian Life for the Philippines
Harry Sichrovsky (1983/87)
The story of Jose Rizal's closest friend and companion

Courtesy of Österreichischer Bundesverlag

Manila, Philippines, 1987
ISBN-971-136-024-1 (pbd)
971-136-025-x (pbk)

"Der Revolutionär von Leitmeritz".

Copyright: Österreichischer Bundesverlag
Gesellschaft m.b.H., Wien, 1983.
Technical preparation by the National Historical Institute Manila, Philippines

Printed by Vera Reyes, Inc.
Quezon City, Philippines

Professor Harry Sichrovsky was born in Vienna to an old Austrian family. His great grandfather, Heinrich Ritter von S., was founder and general secretary of the Kaiser Ferdinands-Nordbahn, the first long-distance railway line in the country. His uncle, Rudolf von S. was founder and president of Austria's first steamship service to the United States, the Austro-American Lloyd.

Mr. Sichrovsky spent the war years as an exile from Nazi Germany in England. In 1942, he volunteered for the British Army and served for almost five years in India, Malaya, Ceylon, Burma, and at Lord Mountbatten's Headquarters at Kandy. His experiences in the Army stimulate his keen interest towards Asian socio-political affairs. After the war, he returned to his homeland, took up Journalism and, at the same time, continued his studies on Asian affairs. He stayed in Asia several years and has done extensive reporting on Asian subjects and has written books on India, Korea, China and South East Asia. He had done interviews with China's Prime Minister Chou-En-Lai, India's Indira Gandhi and other heads of state of the Asian region.

Professor Sichrovsky is a board member and lecturer of the Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute of China and South East Asia Research in Vienna, and was a visiting fellow at Nairobi University in Kenya. In 1983 he was a speaker in the 17th Jose Rizal Lecture at Fort Santiago, Manila. Since 1970, he has been foreign editor of ORF, Austria's Radio and TV Service specializing on China, Korea and South East Asia.

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