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ISSN 0117-4584

A Monthly Newsletter on Culture and Science of the National Museum of the Philippines

The PANABI is a monthly publication of the National Museum of the Philippines with offices at the Executive House Building, P. Burgos Street, Manila Philippines

PANABI His-Story

The PANABI is back once again after is repose for quite sometime. It started with a group of Anthropology Division employees yearning to have a newsletter. The first issue came out seven years ago. Why PANABI? What does it stand for? Why not revive the Tambuli - the very first newsletter of the National Museum? And so the explanations began, the reasons others could not comprehend, and others with a shrug fo their shoulder, and still others waited for how PANABI would survive as a newsletter of culture and science. Several issues were published and feedbacks were encouraging. PANABI finally became the official newsletter of the Museum.

The previous issues of PANABI were used as a forum of dissenting opinions forgetting what the newsletter aimed to disseminate - both the social and natural science researches and findings, the exhibitions of the collections of the NM.

The PANABI became the National Museum Post, but unfortunately lost its grip. It issued two newsletters for the whole year of 1992. Today, looking back to those years, PANABI once again appears in the limelight to continue the task of disseminating information of the National Museum to other institutions of learning the academe, the public. Definitely, the PANABI editorial staff would not allow the newsletter to be another forum for complaints and dissenting opinions. And to quote our Director's message "let not intramural local issues crowd the pages of this publication".

From the editorial staff our best efforts are our priority. Reminiscing the past, PANABI has done his story in the past (history) and he is back to tell another his-story of the National Museum.


From the Office to the Director


To the Staff of the PANABI:

Greetings for a bright New Year!

Mabuhay on the revival of our Museum's newsletter!

For a while so many events and more pressing commitments seemed to have overtaken the editorial staff of his newsletter, which ulitmately stopped publication when its editor transferred to the academic sector.

I am very pleased and I wish to congratulate the Museum employees who have taken the lead in re-organizing themselves into the new editorial staff of this newsletter.

As originally envisioned, this newsletter is expexted to be used positively for disseminating significant scientific findings, relevant programs and projects, as well as well-meaning activities which all contribute towards the attainment of the institution's objectives and goals. These important knowledge and information should be shared with other scholars and scientists, not only within our country but also with the rest of our colleagues throughout the world. Therefore, let not 'intramural' local issues crowd the pages of this publication. There are other administrative means for bringing certain problems and issues to the attention of the management or higher authorities. Definitely this newsletter is not the proper venue for any complaint or dissenting opinion.

Creative writing is encouraged for those employees who are inclined to write poetry, essays on cultural themes, or other artistic expressions. The publicatiob should be able to inculcate positive Filipino cultural values that uplift one's spirit and inspire him to do what is right, proper, and beneficial to others, particulary among his collegues in the museum world.

All good wishes to the Staff!
Director IV


Nicolas C. Cuadra

Leo M. Batoon
Asst. Editor-in-Chief

Siony Valezco, Aimee Arvesu, Desiree Lumayno
Associate Editors

Annie Rebadulla-Cuadra
Layout/Design Editor

Carol N. Magdaleno
Asst. Layout/Design Editor

Lutgardo "Boy" Ramirez
Circulation Manager

Jesus T. Peralta
Rosario B. Tantoco
Timie Barbosa

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updated: January 8, 1997
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